About Us

Multi-disciplinary Design Firm



Xism Design is a multidisciplinary design firm based in Seoul, Korea. Founded in 2000, we have provided a wide range of design services including graphics, identities and interactive media designs for clients of diverse backgrounds, from cultural institutions to large global corporations.

We invent visual and spatial systems that support our clients' business initiatives, and create added value by bringing our improved communication tools and expertise. The unique process of designing that involves deeper understanding of all the areas across the broad spectrum of and relies on the collaboration between many such media enables us, Xism Design, to deliver refined and wider ranging solutions.

What We Do

  • Indentity Design
  • Brand Design System Development
  • Print Design
  • Advertising
  • Exhibition and Booth Design
  • Retail Design
  • Super Graphic
  • Way Finding System Development
  • User Interface Design
  • Web Site Design
  • Flash Motion Graphic
  • Rich Media Presentation
  • Illustration
  • Professional Copywriting

We work in a very broad spectrum of disciplines. The reason why we can’t insist on only designing for a single discipline is, rather justly, to create ‘even better designs’. We realize that the source of inspiration does not come from the design itself, but from the expertise we accumulate from running such diverse projects, which will, without a doubt, grant us the vision and the energy to attempt something new.
In order to be able to deal with such varied fields, we are constantly re-educating ourselves. We bear witness to our own development and long to take on a project that entails designing for even broader range of fields.

Awards & Recognition

  • 2012 A member of the advisory committee of the National Assembly Library
  • 2008 World Design Market_Seoul(WDM_Seoul) Registered Design Company
  • 2007 KEMCO (Korea Energy Management Corporation) Presidential Award
  • 2006 KIDP (Korean Institute of Design Promotion) Certificated Design Company
  • 2004 The 6th Electronic Times Advertising Awards - "The Best Excellent Prize"
  • 2000 The Venice Biennale - International Competition of Idea (The 7th International Architecture Exhibition under the title Less Aesthetics, More Ethics)
  • 2000 International Communication Design Competition - "Special Recognition"
  • 2000 Korea Visual Design Awards

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