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Identity design for ULC Systems, supplies ubiquitous related technology and products. In our presentation to our client, we described this identity design as:
“This design was inspired by Karl Marx’s critique on Modernism; ‘All that is solid melts into air.’ A variation of this line by Marx was used in the last scenes of Ridley Scott’s science fiction film ‘Blade Runner’ and it was also used as the title for Marshall Berman’s well-known book on the modernization and its conflicting relationship with Modernism. This statement on an aspect of Modernism describes modern days’ internet, the information highway where all corporeal entities are converted into dematerialized incorporeal information and spread around the world, surprisingly well. In particular, it portrays the ubiquitous world rather well, where diversely ranging information will be generated and communicated through the air to us. The first letter of the word ‘Ubiquitous’, U, as the foundation, this design visualizes the spreading of various information infrastructure services into the atmosphere, just as particles in the air would. Each of these miniature circular particles represents a service or a product that ULC Systems which provides ubiquitous environment infrastructure. Although a number of different colors were used, with violet as the main theme, colors that express the excitement, aspiration and dream of future days to come, rather than the cold bluish colors of technology, were implemented. Using essentially symmetric round shapes, which have a sense of wholeness, we were able to prevent the image from becoming too busy. This allows the corporate image to be seen as rather amicable while the ascending like shape conveys a more forward-looking and future-orientated image. Since having no background was set as the basis, applications with black circle or square as the background are also possible.”