Guess X


We imagine something in which we can put all our ideas in. It won't be plate-like, since if it was, this something will just become a huge astrictive.

It’s something that can repeatedly and dynamically gather everything, scatter it around and then gather it again into a different form.
The energy behind this shift of form should be terminal, voluntary and fated. It can change its form at any moment just like a fluid, constantly repeating sucking in and spitting out.

No, it can not be said to hold a certain form. The moment it defines a specific form is the moment when it gets locked into that empty outer shell with its true essence lost. For this something, the outer shape holds no relation to its true essence. Its true essence is defined by the shifting itself.

It is full of complex things, but it itself is rather simple. Miscellaneous entities inside it decide the whole form and character. In the end, nothing is expected or final. Only nomadic freedom exists.

Remember Algebra from School?

X Symbol x, where some values are substitutes into or sometimes used as the final result value of something, is a symbol for potential.
We do not know what it is. Actually, we know that it will be something, but we just don’t know what that will be.
That is the reason why it has to be a symbol, namely x.